Shannon Coleman has been a photographer for over 20 years. She graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 1996 and has worked with many renowned photographers in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Florida. She has been employed as a Chief Portrait Photographer, Action Photographer, Commercial Photographer and Photo Journalist.. She holds an Associates Degree in Individual Studies from State University of New York and holds a one year Mind, Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  Shannon has a passion to help others and decided to study nutrition, life coaching and urban farming. She now uses her photography to promote health and wellness.

Shannon helps people find happiness and clarity.  She provides guidance to residents and businesses in using the land to be more efficient with food.  Shannon has a true passion to help others live a healthier lifestyle. She has her own garden in her yard to enjoy fresh foods with her family.  Connect with Shannon by reading her blog at