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Urban Gardening


I got caught up with the quick lifestyle of eating on the go. Grabbing easy processed meals we all see everyday at the grocery store and on commercials.  


Once my Holistic doctor showed me test results of having an auto immune disease she put me on a strict lifestyle change.  The first thing she had me do was change my eating habits.  Something so simple as to eating healthier like people used to do. 


I am still learning new things everyday and I am enjoying it because it works.

Gardening is not only a stress reliever for the mind but it is also healthy for the body because it gets you moving and produces healthy foods for your body.


Pesticides as not healthy for the environment or our bodies, locally grown is better for the community as well as the environment because of all the pollutions their trucks give off not to mention all the machinery and other chemicals they may use. 


I love motivating others to start growing their own foods.  Make it fun for the whole family.  If you want to start with one plant then that is a start to a positive change for you, your family, your community and the environment. 

I offer one and two hour sessions to make a plan and get you started.