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Mind, Body Wellness


     It is important to take care of the mind and body as a whole.  


Along with promoting wellness through my photography I also offer Life Coaching sessions. 


After finding out I had Hashimoto's Disease I started looking into Holistic health to reverse my symptoms and with a great Chiropractor, Nutritionist and coach I have had improvements. This drove me to want to help others and educate them as much as I could.  It helped me so much and I hope to be able to help you. 


These sessions can be about anything such as helping you get ready for a positive strong start with a new diet your doctor recommends, making positive changes, facing fears or just talking about issues going on in your life.  


 I offer 30 Minute and 60 Minute sessions

They can be over the phone, on google Hangout

or in person.


I also offer

Ear Reflexology

Flower Essences


Toe Reading

Intuitive Eating